There are many reasons to join the Greater Newtown Exchange Club (GNEC) but the top five are:
  1. Family and Youth Support – Joining GNEC will give you the opportunity to work on family and youth oriented projects including supporting the prevention of child abuse.
  2. Community Involvement/Betterment Programs – GNEC works with a variety of local organizations and charities to promote community improvement – This is your chance to get involved.
  3. Country – Americanism and pride in supporting the values of our democracy are central tenets of GNEC and its national parent---You can join the parade by aiding efforts like our hands-on veteran’s assistance and our “Give a Kid a Flag” programs.
  4. Socialization and Contacts – You’ll enjoy the comradeship of our members and our free spirited meetings and fun events. Serving on a project team will put you in contact with a variety of community organizations.
  5. Learning – The variety and experiences of our speakers will offer you an opportunity to learn more about your community and find out how you can become involved.

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If you’d like to do some volunteer work to help others and have fun doing it, you couldn’t come to [read more…]

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